Testimonials: a cycle of interviews with European retail experts – Part 2
Publish date: 27.10.2023

An interview with Charlotte Siwers, CEO and Founder of Siwers & Partners – international consulting company.

1. Please tell us more about the pathway of Siwers and Partners.

In 2015, International Sales Outsourcing was not a common practice in Europe. The aim was to offer a solution to enable companies to expand their reach by accessing new markets and generating revenue without the burden of high investment by significantly lowering investment and employee costs.

Sales are the lifeblood of any organisation. It provides the necessary funds for business sustainability and growth. The increased growth of international expansion can dramatically improve a business’s long-term outlook and it will also lower the risk that comes with depending on only one market. 

The driving force behind Siwers and Partners was to allow our customers to redirect their internal resources and focus on their core competencies. By taking care of the sales function, we enable businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively.

One of the key advantages of outsourcing sales is the ability to avoid the costs associated with hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house sales team. Entering a new market, even domestically, can be a daunting task. When considering different time zones, languages, regulations and consumer habits, entering a new market on an international scale can seem impossible. 

Our team brings deep knowledge and understanding of sales strategies across various industries. Every business addresses unique challenges and opportunities where we provide tailored solutions. Flexibility is a vital component of our service. We can scale the sales operations up or down based on market demand, ensuring our clients can adapt to changing circumstances and seize new opportunities.

Today, our best practices and sales techniques have demonstrated success across various industries, from technology to finance. Times have changed, and sales outsourcing has become more widely accepted. This shift reflects the recognition of the benefits it brings to businesses.

What sets us apart is the personal touch we bring to every interaction. We are not just focused on generating leads; we become an extension of our customer’s teams, fully invested in their success. Our commitment to building strong relationships and results has allowed us to help companies establish their presence in new markets and connect with amazing people worldwide.

2. What is the greatest success Siwers and Partners have achieved so far in your field of competence?

As a  provider of international sales services for SMEs, we have established a track record of driving sales growth and expanding market presence.

Our collaboration with a German technology company aiming to penetrate the Spanish market is a success story that highlights our expertise and impact. By deeply understanding their business objectives, we developed a tailored sales strategy aligning with their goals. We facilitated their market entry through meticulous market research, lead generation, and sales representation.

We pride ourselves on fostering enduring partnerships with our clients. We prioritise gaining comprehensive insight into their unique challenges and requirements, continually adapting our strategies to ensure maximum effectiveness. This client-centric approach has engendered long-standing relationships built on trust and shared accomplishments.

The ability to provide specialised expertise is another crucial aspect of our success. Our team comprises professionals with extensive knowledge and understanding of international sales, market dynamics, and cultural nuances. This expertise empowers us to craft tailored sales solutions aligned with our client’s specific industries, target markets, and business objectives.

The success resides in our unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results. Our expertise, personalised approach, and pursuit of excellence have propelled numerous SMEs towards substantial sales growth and expanded global presence. Success is much more than revenue generation; it is about a lasting impact on our clients’ businesses. 

3. What do you see as an added value of project START in relation to the existing training material for the internationalization of SMEs?

The training material for the internationalisation of SMEs, Project START, brings significant added value. It offers a comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach that goes beyond traditional training methods. It recognises the importance of both personal and business aspects of internationalisation. The material offers market specificities, client analysis, and competitor analysis. This in-depth understanding helps SMEs tailor their strategies to different markets, gaining a competitive advantage.

SMEs can gain insights into international culture, enhance their market understanding, refine their marketing and communication strategies, improve their digital competencies, navigate legal frameworks, and optimise their operational processes as the project goes beyond theoretical knowledge by providing practical insights and real-life examples. 

The training material, developed by industry experts with extensive experience in international business, is highly beneficial. To learn from their knowledge, insights, and practical advice, gaining valuable perspectives on effective internationalisation strategies is something I would point out. It offers a unique opportunity to enhance internationalisation efforts, enabling SMEs to navigate global markets more effectively and achieve sustainable growth.

4. In what way do you think the collaboration between Project START and Siwers and Partners can beneficiate in the present and the future?

The collaboration between Project START and Siwers and Partners holds immense potential for SMEs in the present and the future. 

As a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission, Project START aims to facilitate the internationalisation of SMEs, thereby stimulating economic growth and addressing a key priority of the EU. With Siwers and Partners offering international sales services, the collaboration between the two entities can provide significant advantages to SMEs seeking to expand their global presence. 

Combining the educational resources of Project START with the expertise of Siwers and Partners in international sales, SMEs can receive tailored support, gain a competitive edge, and contribute to economic growth and development. This collaboration catalyses and empowers them in their internationalisation journey, positioning them for success both now and in the future.

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