Testimonials: a cycle of interviews with European retail experts – Part 3
Publish date: 13.11.2023

Maria Kanidou is the CEO of “Cyclops S.A”. She has a degree on Civil Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

1. Please tell us more about the pathway of Cyclops S.A

According to her “Becasue of my studies, I have not received sufficient knowledge in the field of business. As a result, when I wanted to take my first entrepreneurial steps I needed to be trained on business management, marketing and finance through an incubator for start-ups. This incubator among other things helped me to develop all the necessary organizational and business skills to stand on the market, which of course I continue to develop through a lot of constant personal research, interest and reading.  “Cyclops S.A” was founded in 1974 in New Vissa Orestiada.  It specializes in the production of many types of household and professional equipment, having a rich range that can cover the needs of every household for cleaning, kitchen, bathroom, tidying, garden and on the other hand providing modern and innovative solutions for every professional.

2. What is the greatest success Cyclops S.A  has achieved so far in your field of competence?

Cyclops S.A. establishing a strong and intense presence in the domestic and international market (Romania), has evolved into one of the leading companies producing household plastic items. Today, it is housed in privately owned facilities with an area of 22,000 m2, its factory also operates with three separate production units, equipped with cutting edge machinery. At the same time, having invested in CNC machinery facilities, it has the ability to design and manufacture molds.

3. What do you see as an added value of project START in relation to the existing training material for the internationalization of SMEs?

The creation of a new training curriculum for the internationalization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Cyprus can bring several added values and benefits in relation to existing training materials. Here are some reasons:

Current and Relevant Information: The international business landscape is constantly evolving. A new curriculum can ensure that SMEs have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information about global markets, trade regulations, and international business trends.

Holistic Approach: The curriculum can take a holistic approach to internationalization, covering various aspects such as market research, export strategy, legal and regulatory compliance, financing options, and cultural awareness. This comprehensive approach can better prepare SMEs for international expansion.

Access to New Technologies: New training curricula can incorporate the latest technologies and tools that aid in international business, such as digital marketing, e-commerce platforms, and data analytics. This can help SMEs leverage technology to reach global markets more effectively.

In summary, a new training curriculum for the internationalization of SMEs in Cyprus can offer several advantages, including customization to local needs, industry-specific focus, the integration of modern technologies, and the potential for government support. This can better prepare SMEs for success in the global market and contribute to economic growth in Cyprus.

4. In what way do you think the collaboration between project START and Cyclops S.A can beneficiate in the present and in the future?

The collaboration can help our company expand into new international markets. The project may provide market research, local consumer insights, and strategies for market entry that the company can leverage. The project’s research and expertise can help the company mitigate risks associated with international expansion. And the most important, START project can help us boost our brand image through some marketing strategies. We made realize how abandoned he have our website and how important is for internationalization and for competitiveness.

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