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Strategic Partnership to Improve Internationalization Skills of SMEs in Retail Sector
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R1 - Mobile report
Mobile report about the skills needed by retail SMEs when deciding to internationalise according to representatives from the sector.
R2 - START Training Course
The START training course will be an online open educational resource that proposes to fill the gap observed in retailers’ competences profile.
eLearning Platform
ASSIST Software will develop an eLearning platform designed to showcase the START training course in an attractive online digital format.
Turn ideas into action
The START project seeks to improve the internationalisation skills of SMEs in the retail sector in order to encourage retailers to expand their businesses into international markets. The project will provide experienced retailers, as well as young adults entering the workforce or unemployed people interested in working in retail with the necessary tools to enhance their internationalisation skills and gain the knowledge needed to develop a competitive strategy for entering a foreign market.
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about us
Digital transformation, Intergenerational approach and collaborative training
The START project promotes the internationalisation of SMEs, thereby stimulating economic growth and development and addressing one of the EU's most pressing priorities. As a result, the project's objectives centre on acquiring the skills and competencies needed to carry out future activities, as well as on fostering international synergies through collaboration and e-learning via an innovative modular training methodology.
Digitalisation, innovation and risk-taking
In the globalisation context, the internationalisation process is critical for SMEs in the retail sector, as as it implies the possibility of acquiring additional capacity, strengthening their financial position, achieving innovation, increasing revenues, diversifying risks, and attracting talented workers.
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European Retail Experts: START Testimonials –, Belgium
Meet Laïos Aurélie, Dehon Nicolas, and Giovannetti Katia, the driving forces at Leading the hub.brussels_Retail team, Laïos and Dehon offer personalized services to bolster retail businesses, from strategic positioning to post-opening...
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START Newsletter #4
We invite you to explore the fourth newsletter published by the START consortium! Learn more details about the latest project activities.
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