Testimonials: a cycle of interviews with European retail experts – Part 1
Publish date: 18.10.2023

We have conducted a compelling interview with Magda Raczyńska – Director of Export Development Center and Marek Kruszewski – International Development Manager from the Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce from Poland. Explore the insightful interview below, to learn more about business internationalisation.

1. Please tell us more about the pathway of the Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce

The Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce was established to combine the business opportunities of the region with the needs of the market. We are a partner in building strong enterprises, active self-government and science cooperation with business.

Our experiences allowed us to create an ecosystem for business. A friendly environment for the economy based on knowledge and modern technologies.

We are the most active and dynamically developing organization in the region. We integrate companies having similar approaches, missions and beliefs. Together we take care of the local community and business efficiency. Our main mission is to make our region a perfect place, both for living and making business. As the Regional Chamber of Commerce, we support the local economy, focusing on integration, exchange of ideas and education. We consistently co-create the development strategy of the region with local governments, building a platform of mutual actions and experiences integrating businesses, local governments and communities.

We take good care of international relations and we engage in global projects, based on proven experience and knowledge of our experts. Together we do our best to respond to the market needs. We look- into the future with vision.

2. What is the greatest success that Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce has achieved so far in your field of competence?

There have been a lot of projects we can be proud of however the most important in the field of retail sector would be one called a “Pomeranian Export Broker”. Pomeranian Export Broker is a partnership project implemented by the Pomerania Development Agency, the Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Commerce, STARTER Incubator, Free Entrepreneurship Association in Gdańsk, Gdańsk Economic Development Agency and Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.

The project aims to increase the export potential of Pomeranian companies from the SME sector. The project will create a comprehensive system to support international expansion based on four pillars:

3. What do you see as an added value of project START in relation to the existing training material for the internationalization of SMEs?

The greatest value in what the START project can offer to current and future companies in the retail sector is a comprehensive approach to running this type of activity.

A large part of young people, especially at the beginning of their careers and professional path, have many interesting business ideas, but don’t quite know how to implement them and therefore choose a full-time job. Training materials and courses offered by the START project are designed to convince such people that it is worth making this effort and show how to do it. They make you realize that there are many helpful and relatively easy-to-learn tools or solutions, thanks to which you do not have to limit yourself only to the local market, but you can scale your business thanks to properly applied business internationalization.

I believe that the opportunity to test your knowledge as part of START training can help dispel the initial uncertainty that is inherent when wanting to do something new and meaningful.

4. In what way do you think the collaboration between project START and Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce can beneficiate in the present and in the future?

I am sure that both parties can only measurably benefit from cooperation. I believe that the best thing that can be done is to disseminate the training materials of the START project among companies cooperating with our organization. Thanks to this, these companies will have a chance to learn about many aspects of running a business that may turn out to be innovative and revealing for them. On the other hand, the START project as such will receive valuable feedback from business practitioners and will be able to improve even more. So both sides gain. A win-win situation.

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