START eLearning Platform
Publish date: 08.11.2023

The START eLearning platform hosting seven compelling courses is ready!

This tailor-made training experience is committed to enhancing the competencies of retailers and future retailers from all over Europe in the field of internationalisation of SMEs in the retail sector. By doing so, we aim to boost our capabilities to deliver our products on a larger scale of territories in the context of globalized markets.

Here you will find training modules addressing topics such as retail sub-sectors market trends, fairs and commercial missions, e-commerce, international culture, legal frameworks, product value and much more.

The START learning experience is expected to achieve significant impact at a European level supporting retail SMEs to broaden their horizon towards new unexplored market opportunities, capitalizing on the expansion of e-commerce technologies.

Furthermore, inside each module, users can interact with other trainees and trainers within the social forum dedicated section to enhance opportunities of networking and gaining even more specific insights from others’ experiences. Your opinion matters and can contribute to raising knowledge and awareness within the community!

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